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Jets Trade WR Elijah Moore To The Browns

According to Ian Rapoport, the New York Jets will send wide receiver Elijah Moore and their third-round draft pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the Browns’ second-round selection.

Moore was unable to capitalize on the promise shown in his debut year. In point of fact, his second season was a complete and utter failure. That includes a trade request in October, which was made just after a win for the Jets. Moore was frustrated that he was not included in the preparation of the game plan to play the Packers. Several supporters were understandably annoyed by the outburst, especially considering that it occurred during a game that the Jets won.

Moore had a few fleeting flashes of brilliance during the course of the rest of the season, but overall, his productivity was absolutely unimpressive.

I admire the Jets for quickly acknowledging that they made a mistake and dealing Moore while he still has value on the market. During the past several years, I’ve seen the careers of a great number of young players who appeared to have potential futures go off the rails. The return and the subsequent advancement of 32 positions strikes me as a pretty excellent package overall.

The addition of a further selection in the second round by the Jets would, of course, fuel rumors and conjecture over a potential deal involving Aaron Rodgers. It’s possible that this selection will assist make a deal easier.

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