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No Holding Back for Jordan Love

Love has gone through offseason drills and practices as a quarterback before for the Packers before,  although this is his first year as a starter.

The previous two years, Rodgers has missed the offseason program, which has not only given Love experience in that position but also allowed the coaches to see what about him differs from Rodgers.

Love has consistently taken part in the offseason program since it started on April 17. When complete practices start during the part of the program when teams are organized, they will pick up speed the next week.

The coaching staff has a better idea of how the offense will operate now that the switch from Rodgers to Love is complete. And it can appear different in fact.

“It might yeah, it might,” Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich said Tuesday. “I think it might. And it’s not just because of not having Aaron Rodgers. It might just be these other pieces that we’ve added as well. So, again, it’s OTAs right now so we’re just going to kind of see how it all fits and once we figure out kind of how we’re going to attack defenses, then we’ll roll from there. But I think it might.”

“Obviously he doesn’t have the playing experience that Aaron had, but from a playbook standpoint, I think pretty much all of it’s on the table,” Stenavich said. “He’s been around for three years and has really attacked it. Even last year, you could see him come into his own, felt a lot more comfortable, so this year he’s really hitting it on all cylinders so I’m really excited to see what he’s going to bring.”

The expectations for Love aren’t very high for in his first year as the team’s starter, however, I remember the same when Rodgers finally took over for Farve, and people were blown away.  I think the added time from when Love was drafted to now should make a world of difference. I’m excited to see him play in 2023.

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